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PizPOS - POS Software for Pizza Stores is developed by Zoom Software Solutions Inc., Based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. This sofwtare is being used by more than 200 Pizza Stores/ Restaurants including "Twice the Deal Pizza", "Double Double Pizza & Chicken", "Gino's Pizza", "Pizza Depot", "Pizza Heaven, Waterloo" , "Soprano's Pizza, London" , It's Pizza Time, Hamilton", "The Pizza Party, Mississauga", "Pisa Pizzeria, Kitchener" , "Garth Pizza, Hamilton", "Cambridge Pizza, Cambridge" , "ITALY Pizza, Guelph" , "Super 6 Pizza, London" , "Passage to India - Restaurant in Niagara Falls" , "Pizza Europe, Kitchener", "Curry Queen - Restaurant in Niagara Falls", "Pizza Express, Kitchener", "Twin City Pizza, Waterloo", "Anand Pizza, Brampton", "Johnny's Pizza Orangeville" and many others. This can be used as Touch Screen interface or Keyboard and Mouse.


    PizPOS - Professional and user friendly software with all the features required by Pizza Stores:
  • Very Low Price - Starting from $400 - No Monthly Fee.
  • Free Training
  • Extremely easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to teach to your employees
  • Very Reliable, PizPOS has been around for over 7 years
  • Order Entry for Pickup, Delivery & Dine-IN Orders
  • Store Map Locations and Street Address, (Streets for City can be Preloaded)
  • Drivers Management with Delivery and their calculations
  • Fixed Delivery Fee or based on streets
  • Mapping (online maps) for delivery directions
  • Quarter and 1/2 and 1/2 Toppings, even Double or Triple Toppings on Left/Right
  • Unlimited Items
  • Unlimited Categories / Unlimited items
  • Combos and Deals can be designed according to daily needs
  • Automatic Backups of the Database
  • Employee Time Clock
  • Finger Print Reader - Log-in and Time Clock
  • User Security Settings for Each Employees
  • Cash Register (No need to buy Cash Register)
  • Customer Remarks
  • Fast Customer Lookups
  • Full Customer Order History Recall and Duplicate Previous Order
  • Kitchen Printers
  • Touch-Screen Support
  • Cash Drawer Support
  • Customer Discounts & Coupons
  • Cash Flow Reports and Daily Sale Reports
  • Seperate Receipts can be printed for Kitchen Purposes
  • Users Management - seperate users can be created for Administration Purposes.
  • Display Screen at Makeline for Pizza Makers
  • Lots of Reports and Report Variations

Hardware Requirements

  • Pentium single core w/ min 512 MB RAM needed for current OS
  • Windows XP SP2 (512 MB RAM+)
  • SVGA 1024x768 (Higher Res Recommended)
  • Pentium-class 2.0 GHz w/Windows/7 Professional (x86 or x64) (2 GB RAM+), Win8/Win10 (32-Bit or 64-Bit)(4 GB RAM+)

Other Details

PizPOS is very efficient and has a very low overhead, so it runs extremely fast on most hardware. You should have at least the recommended minimum amount of RAM that your version of Windows requires in order to have this run properly. PizPOS needs less than 20 Megabytes of Hard Disk space for a full install, but as you use the system the needed space requirement will grow. This is hardly an issue with todays systems. Since PizPOS' overhead is very low, you will find that it is rock solid and performs very well on most small to mid-sized systems as well as on larger systems. The nice thing is that PizPOS does not demand large amounts of hardware in order for it to operate, and runs very well on minimal hardware and even tablet PCs.

Additional Hardware
With PizPOS that's the nice thing... There are no special hardware requirements so to speak. Think of them more as options. With PizPOS you have lots of flexibility as to what size of POS system you want to install. You can start out with everything, or start small and build up as you need to. PizPOS will support any standard receipt Thermal/Impact printer for receipts. You can also choose not to print at all, or only to print at certain stations. PizPOS is extremely configurable and very scalable. Other optional components would include Electronic Cash Drawers, Touch-Screen Monitors, Finger Print Readers , Label Printers and Customer Displays . When operating in Touch-Screen Mode no keyboard is needed for order taking. Box Labels can be printed on a standard continuous feed Brother Label Printer .

Inventory Management
PizPOS tracks the toppings, components, and whole items that are sold on every transaction. This data is stored in your current database and can later be retrieved or searched for reporting purposes. You can use the inventory system to get detailed, or you can just use it for general reporting, or not at all. The choice is entirely yours.

Customer Management
PizPOS makes keeping track of your customers easy. Did a customer denies to take delivery or other issues? No problem, mark that customer, and display the remarks next time. Look up customers by name, street, or phone number. View their order history, or even import an old order as a new order. View their total number of orders, total $$$ spent and more. Also generate customer reports.

Employees / Users
PizPOS also helps you track your employees. The database keeps track of general employee information as well as tracks hours, delivery payment methods and more. Each employee is assigned their own log on ID & Password, and can also use a FingerPrint reader for logins. You can control what each employee can do, where they can log in, and what features that they have access to, once they get there. The security system used by PizPOS is extensive (but easy to use), and gives you a lot of flexibility in setting up system users depending on what their role is in your business. You can also view delivery driver reports, and employee hours reports.

PizPOS can also do a host of different reports about your inventory, customers, employees, and tracking reports that can track order edits, and many other things that go on. Some of these were mentioned above but the number of reporting options is very flexible with PizPOS. Most reports can be filtered by Date Ranges.




Our Clients

Twice the Deal Pizza
30+ Locations
Double Double Pizza & Chicken
20+ Locations
Gino's Pizza
40+ Locations
Pizza Depot
30+ Locations
Pyramid Pizza
5 Locations
Burrito Zone
5 Locations
Pizza Maniac
2 Locations
Soprano's Pizza
2 Locations
Tito's Pizza
12 Locations
2 Locations
Big Bite Pizza & Wings
Kitchener & Waterloo Location
Andaro's Pizza
Calgary, Alberta
Canadian Pizza
Indian Restaurants
Passage to India, Niagara Falls
Curry Queen, Niagara Falls
Mirch Masala , Brampton
Shagun Restaurant, Brampton
Kwality Restaurant, Burlington
King Tandoori, GTA (4 Locations)
Bombay Grill (Hamilton)
And Many more....


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